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Grand Lodge of Texas Relief Effort

As our original relief effort comes to a close, the Grand Lodge of Texas has started their own relief fund for Masonic Lodges in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.  If you would like to donate to the relief of those Lodges, please contribute here…

The 14th District Masonic Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

UPDATE 3: We would like to thank all who contributed to our Masonic relief fund for Hurricane Harvey victims.  We have raised over $6,000 dollars, and 17 pallets of of water, which totaled over 32,000 bottles!  This will go to victims in the affected areas, and towards the refuges in North Texas, for drinking, bathing, and cleaning purposes.  We are very proud of the Brethren of North Texas for making this drive a success!  

UPDATE 2: The 14th MWSA has generated over $5,000 for relief to victims of the disaster, and pallets of water are still coming in on top of that for distribution. Our link will be closed at 5pm today, so donate now if you can. The Grand Lodge also just launched a relief fund for Masonic Lodges that were affected in the area as well, so please consider donating to that as well.

UPDATE!! THANKS for all who have donated so far, your support is overwhelming and much appreciated. Keep the donations coming in, we have 44 hours till we close the account for this initial water drive.

The 14th District MWSA is taking contributions on behalf of the Masonic Bodies of North Texas to contribute to the relief of Hurricane Harvey victims.  We are focusing funds on fresh bottled water initiatives for those that have been displaced from Houston and will be taking refuge in the shelters in Dallas.  We have secured “at cost” pricing for pallets of water and aim to buy as many pallets as possible to ship down to those in need in South East Texas.  Many Lodges and Masonic Bodies around the metroplex have already contributed, but we hope we have your support as well.  We thank you in advance for your charity in this time of need.

Please contribute any amount that you feel appropriate and within your cable tow by using these PayPal links.  Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

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One thought on “Masonic Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

  1. Please except my small contribution for the Hurricane Harvey relief fund member Howard Lodge AF&AM South Yarmouth Ma. 02664


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