If you did not attend the 14th District MWSA Monthly Stated Meeting tonight, you missed a fantastic program and great fellowship with a lot of Brethren.

The “Bring a Friend To Lodge” program was provided by The Grand Lodge Education and Services Committee, led by Chris Williams, Bradley Kohanke, and Committee Chairman, Larry Fitzpatrick. The event was coordinated by Brother Bobby Caldwell and President Christopher Livingston.

The overview of the program is how to use a framework to introduce friends of Brothers to the Fraternity.  This includes meaningful video presentations and in Lodge presenters for the subjects of Masonic History, Masonic Charity, Masonic Philosophy, and Masonic Ceremonies.

While not giving away any secrets, this is a great program to highlight the various aspects of the Fraternity.

Another key call out was that the most important points of this program, are not actually bringing men into the Lodge.  Lodge’s can perform various versions of this program.  The most important key aspects of the programs are training members on various talking points of Masonry, so that they can confidently communicate the value of the Fraternity.

Many Lodges perform similar events for inquirers in monthly socials outside of the Lodge.

Below are some of the videos that are recommended for use for the program.  We highly encourage you to watch these at least once.

Freemasonry and the Fabric of America – Video:

Since Time Immemorial – Video:

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