The Meeting of February 27, 2019 was held at Duck Creek Lodge No. 1419


Open at 7:35 pm
1. Opening Prayer – (KM)
2. Welcome from President – (KW)
3. Pledges to American and Texas Flags – (KW)
4. Introduction of Officers – (KW)
5. Introduction of Past Presidents and Dignitaries – (JH)

6. Program – Video presentation from Joseph Campbell and Jordan Peterson regarding the importance of Ritual or Rites, and responsibility for young men and how that relates to success in a Masonic Lodge.

7. Announcements from the floor

8. Brother Secretary moved that we approve the posted minutes

a. Seconded by Jeff Haven

b. Motion Carried

9. Treasurers Report and Claims & Accounts (SGH)

a. Brother Hill moved that we approve the report and pay all upcoming bills.

b. Seconded by Brother Jeff Haven

        c. Motion Carried

10. Old Business

a. Additional reminder about the Lamar Award Dinner

11. New Business

a. None to Report

12. Closing Prayer – (KM)
13. Closed at 9:15 p.m.

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