The Meeting of April 24, 2019 was held at the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral


Open at 7:30 pm

1. Opening Prayer – (KM)

2. Welcome from President – (KW)

3. Pledges to American and Texas Flags – (KW)

4. Introduction of Officers – (KW)

5. Introduction of Past Presidents and Dignitaries – (JH)

6. Presentation of Apron Case to Grand Master of Masons Terry Stogner (Officers)

7. Program – Speaker, Terry Stogner, Grand Master of Masons

8. DDGM Presentation to Grand Master

9. Closing Prayer – (KM)

10. Everyone dismissed unless they want to participate in further MWSA business

11. Calendar

a. May 29, 2019 MWSA at Mesquite Lodge

12. Announcements from the floor

13. Motion to postpone minutes and Treasurers Report made by (SH)

a. Seconded by Brother (JH)
b. Motion carried

12. Closed – 9:36 pm

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