Speaker Topic Phone
Gary Alexander Pass It On/Origins of Freemasonry 682-556-0870
Terry Bennett Masonic History & Symbolism 214-319-6786
Brad Billings Texas Lodge of Research 806-787-7600
Brad Billings York Rite Masonry 806-787-7600
Brad Billing Scottish Rite Masonry 806-787-7600
David Bindel The Craft in the Far East 972-896-2373
David Bindel Modern Masonic Movements 972-896-2373
Harold Collum Masonic Martyrs 214-228-2398
Harold Collum Masonry & Patriotism 214-228-2398
Harold Collum International Masonry 214-228-2398
Nik Fehrenbach Grotto 214-850-2721
Joe French Gift of Life – Blood Drives 214-394-6121
Herb Garon, Jr Masonic Protocol 214-693-6421
Carl Jones Masonry can learn from PT Barnum 214-578-1601
Clyde Kenneaster Masonic Education 903-675-6665
David Raucher Kabbalah 214-636-6486



The following brethren are proficient in Masonic ritual in the areas specified
and have volunteered to be called should you or your lodge need assistance.
If you would like to be added to this list, please send email to the


Name Lodge Degrees Funeral Phone
Sammy Allsbrook 1305 F 972.723.3552
Scott Hill 52 EA FC MM 979-220-3196
Alfred Bell 705 EA FC MM 972.224.7105
Brad Billings 1048 EA FC MM 806.787.7600
Bobby Caldwell 1059 EA FC MM 972.771.0313
Harold Collum 377 EA FC MM 214.228.2398
Jimmy Emmons 1356 EA FC MM F 972.263.1151
Herb Garon 52 EA FC MM 214.363.2147
Bill Grubbs 1048 EA MM 972.279.0983
Tom G. Hancock 1305 EA FC MM 817.467.2462
Darrell C. Hefley 1335 EA FC MM 817-846-9224
R. J. Kelton 1314 MM F 214.941.4572
Jerry Lawson 441 EA FC MM 214.289.6474
Rex S. Lewis 1305 F 972.240.1126
Bob Mauch 395 EA FC MM 972.492.1446
David Rogers 1176 EA FC MM 214.682.6241
John T. White 1031 EA FC MM F 972.263.2980
Jim Wright 1182 EA FC MM F 214.797.4343